Lyfe Planter by Flyte – This is so cool!

LYFE is a zero-gravity growing system allowing you to cultivate your favorite plants in mid-air. LYFE consists of a planter that hovers over an oak base via magnetic levitation. Designed to gently rotate during suspension. The rotation especially benefits Air Plants, as nutrients are absorbed by their leaves through the air, rather than the conventional […]

via levitation Lyfe Planter by Flyte – €199,00 — GadgeThingy


SPIN Remote – $110.00


The SPIN Remote, probably the easiest remote to use. Just 1 hand movement to control many devices. Already works with Sonos, Philips HUE, even the Sphero BB8 and many more! This kickstarter project is a real succes, if you want it just follow the link:Spin Remote – $110.00

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