Canon’s Testing a 75MP+ Pro DSLR

Canon 1D X

I received word yesterday from a reliable source that a pre-production high resolution Canon DSLR is currently undergoing field testing. The camera is a pro-sized body like the 1D X.

The resolution of the sensor is greater than 75MP.


The rear LCD is shockingly high resolution. So is the frame rate, which is possibly greater than the 1D X; however, I don’t know if that’s at full resolution or not. Presumably, the camera has a new processor (or processors) inside to handle the increased resolution and the higher frame rates.

What’s even more interesting is that the source believes that there might be an announcement for this camera prior to the end of 2013; however, availability may not be until next year.

Of course, Canon has tested cameras and technologies before that never made it to the market. And, this seems like such a massive jump in resolution from what is currently on the market.

However, Nikon jumped from the 12MP D700 to the 36MP D800. Tripling Canon’s top cameras at 20+MP resolutions puts us in the ball park of 75MP.

Additionally, Canon has had a 50MP APS-H sensor since at least 2007, and a 120MP APS-H sensor since 2010. A 75MP or higher resolution full frame sensor is not out of the realm of possibility – particularly when we are seeing smartphone cameras at 41MP.

Canon EOS 1S

The Canon EOS 1S has been in the rumor mill for some time as a high resolution pro DSLR, albeit prior rumored specs of 47MP-ish. Just because Canon is testing cameras with 75MP+ sensors doesn’t mean that a 47MP sensor won’t end up in the final model.

Likewise, that Canon EOS 3D has been floating around for several years as a rumored high resolution model. Recently, those rumors were revived with possible sightings and claimed specs in the 46MP range.

While I believe that this pre-production camera is in the wild, I’m not ready to proclaim that Canon is going to announce a 75MP+ DSLR this year. I just have a hard time believing Canon will make such a big jump.


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