New Xbox ONE

1 day after a new Ps4 trailer,today the new xbox has been revealed, so to help you guy’s remember what’s new on this new console.
Here a small list with all new features of the new XBOX ONE:

So here it is the new Xbox ONE!

The new Xbox One received a totally new design, with integrated kinect. Your Xbox will really be your personal Xbox, with voice recognition! You can use your whole Xbox with your voice, instantly switch from watching tv, playing a game, watching a movie, listening music, while skyping with your friends or browse on the internet all with your voice!

More info coming soon!

Here are some pictures already, enjoy!

Schermafbeelding 2013-05-21 om 19.07.46

Schermafbeelding 2013-05-21 om 19.07.14 Schermafbeelding 2013-05-21 om 19.24.00 Schermafbeelding 2013-05-21 om 19.20.52Schermafbeelding 2013-05-21 om 19.20.36Schermafbeelding 2013-05-21 om 19.22.38 Schermafbeelding 2013-05-21 om 19.07.59 Schermafbeelding 2013-05-21 om 19.07.55 Schermafbeelding 2013-05-21 om 19.07.49


Xbox One Will Not Function Without Kinect Attached

Xbox’s UK marketing director has said that without Kinect connected, Xbox One will not function.

After a Microsoft-hosted London event around the Xbox One reveal, Xbox’s UK marketing director Harvey Eagle has said that the console will not function without Kinect connected.
“Kinect does require to be connected to Xbox One in all cases, yes,” he said. Asked whether the Xbox One will accommodate people who perhaps play in their bedroom rather than their living room, Eagle replied: “Yes, absolutely. We use the living room almost as a moniker – that’s where we assume the best screen is in the house. But if you like to play in any other room in the house, the Xbox One will deliver the same quality of experience whatever the environment.”
As anyone who’s ever tried to play with Kinect in an enclosed area knows, the current technology simply doesn’t support it – which means that Xbox One’s new Kinect sensor must be significantly different if it will work in any room in the house.


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